Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Questions & Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“Starting from my schooling to post-graduation, I have taken part in several community service events, such as volunteering to teach mathematics to the underprivileged. My participation and success in state and zonal level chess championships taught me lateral thinking and prepared me for challenging assignments. Thanks to my experiences, I have a broader perspective of life and profound respect for hard work.”

2. What are your hobbies?

“My degree in English literature has also widened my range of vision into classics written in world languages. When I am not reading, I am learning Spanish through an app. During my teen years, I won many accolades for creative writing and elocution, and I continue that habit to date by partaking in open mics for poetry reading.”

3. Why do we hire you or how are you the right candidate for this job?

“I possess the required qualifications for the position, and my academic performance speaks for itself. In addition to the final year project that I finished at Clear Manufacturing Company, I was a part of the team that interned at the same facility the previous semester. This period helped me understand various aspects of the production cycle, workplace safety and factory functions. During my summer break, I enrolled in CNC programming and machine designing software courses, which allow me to multi-task if needed.”

4. Why do you want to work here and what do you know about this company?

“Although established a couple of years ago, your company is among the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the country. As a loyal customer of the company myself, I have been following your success stories on social media and mainstream news. Your eco-friendly practices and CSR drives have been quite inspiring to youth. Also, the corporate leadership and executive training programs hosted at your campus can go a long way in accelerating my career.”

5. What inspires you to come in for work every day?

 “In my internship with Better Firm, I assisted several executives coming from mixed cultures. Working in a team and brainstorming a confluence of ideas to arrive at the optimal solution made my day. As an avid learner, I take pride in doing tasks of all sizes. Whether it was ordering tea-time snacks for breaks between presentations or scheduling client meetings, I was proactive in my approach. I get a boost of energy simply by knowing that I have given any assignment the best shot and have not let anything slip through the cracks.”

6. What kind of salary do you expect?

“Since I am just beginning my career, I cannot give you a particular figure as my take-home salary, but I am eager to join a great brand like yours where I can get plenty of opportunities to sharpen my skills and further my career. At this point, I would say yes to the market package for beginners. Can you tell me what someone with the same experience level and job responsibilities receives at your company?”

7. How long do you plan to remain with us and where do you see yourself in five years?

 “For a fresher like me, the initial years make for a solid foundation over which I can build my career, and I can ask for no better organization than yours. I would like to serve the company for as long as I can have an enriching career. From what I have heard, mentors take recruits under their wing in a tailored approach. In the next couple of years, I plan to polish my skills and deliver my full potential to every project I am assigned.”

8. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

 “I am an excellent negotiator and can deliver convincing arguments to let people understand, if not accept, my view. My sports background allows me to stay calm in stressful situations and motivate my teammates in times of need. Coming to my weaknesses, while I consider myself a highly assertive person, I can sometimes come off as too blunt. While communicating during my internship, I had started reserving my criticism or questions to emails, instead of posing them directly in a group. This habit has ensured that I frame my sentences diplomatically and build strong professional bonds.”

9. Do you have any questions?

“Yes, I do, thanks. Can you say something about your journey and experiences in this company? How long do I wait to receive my first formal employee evaluation? If hired, what would my everyday responsibilities entail for this position? Is the management open to employee suggestions and feedback? Can you suggest any additional qualifications I can earn to start a career in this field? What measures did you take to successfully eliminate the obstacles or challenges facing the firm?”

Interview Tips

1) Be punctual at your interview.

2) Do your research on the company.

3) Don’t forget about nonverbal communication.

4) Be polite with everyone.

5) Be prepared for your interview.

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